Informed Consent

‚ÄčWhat is informed consent?

Consent given with full knowledge of the risks involved, probable consequences, and the alternatives. In medical treatment requiring invasive (and possibly life threatening) procedures, a doctor or healthcare provider must disclose sufficient information to the patient for him or her (or his or her guardian) to give an informed consent.

Are doctors required to give informed consent?

Yes, doctors are required to provide informed consent, but many simply don't. Several states, are trying to further erode the concept of informed consent by making it more difficult for parents to exercise their rights under the guise of vaccine education. Will this ‘education’ include all of the information you need to make an informed choice?


Can I ask for a package insert?
Yes, and you should! Some doctors offer a one page printout of the basics, but it is your right to have the complete insert. You can find most all of the United States vaccines here.

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